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Danièle André
An Associate Professor in the American Studies Department of the University of La Rochelle (France), Danièle André belongs to the CRHIA (Research Center in International and Atlantic History). Her research focuses on analyzing and understanding how popular culture—more specifically science fiction, films, TV series, tabletop roleplaying games and graphic novels—deal with human beings in their social environment, especially in North America. The research she carries out aims at pinpointing that practices of popular culture not only reflect how societies work, but also help us think about their evolution and contribute to shaping their future.

Éliane Elmaleh est professeure des universités au laboratoire 3L.AM de Le Mans Université. Elle enseigne la civilisation et l’histoire américaines ainsi que l’histoire de l’art au département d’études anglophones. Ses domaines de recherche sont l’art américain contemporain, l’art afro-américain, les médias, les discours identitaires et féministes. Elle a publié un grand nombre d’articles dans des ouvrages collectifs et dans des revues universitaires telles qu’Annales du monde anglophone, Revue française d’études américaines, The European Journal of American Culture, Revue Lisa, E-rea, Les Cahiers du MIMMOC ou encore Transatlantica. Elle a dirigé ou codirigé un certain nombre d’ouvrages, dont dernièrement Résistances, voix citoyennes en marge des institutions politiques ou encore L’Ouest et les Amériques, entre arts et réalités. Elle a par ailleurs co-organisé de nombreux colloques internationaux, notamment en collaboration avec le Réseau d’études des pouvoirs (Power Studies Network) et avec le soutien de l’Institut des Amériques (IdA). Depuis janvier 2016, elle est déléguée régionale du Pôle Ouest de l’IdA.

Christelle Ha Soon completed her PhD in American Literature at Rouen University, France. Her research laboratory is the ERIAC, and she worked under the supervision of Anne-Laure Tissut while teaching in a secondary school. Her research interests focus on the construction of identity in ethnic American literature. After studying the works of Toni Morrison for her Master’s Degree, she focused on the notions of plural identities and multiple belonging in her PhD dissertation, entitled ‘Claiming America’ : the Poetics of Transgressivity in the Works of Maxine Hong Kingston. She has published several articles, including one on the notion of silence in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, in Textes & Contextes (Université de Bourgogne), and another on the theme of lying in Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior : Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts, in LEAVES (Université Bordeaux-Montaigne), both double-blind peer-reviewed online journals.

Xavier Lachazette is Associate Professor in the Department of Anglophone Studies at Le Mans University (France), Xavier Lachazette’s research concentrates on short fiction, travel literature and the depiction of nature in 19th-century English literature. He belongs to the Labo 3LAM research group, whose current focus is primarily on "conflict" and "the subject." He is an associate member of the Angers CIRPaLL, a research group devoted to the short form, and the digital editor of its international review, the Journal of the Short Story in English (JSSE). He has published articles on various short story writers (S. Maugham, D. du Maurier, E.M. Forster) and 19th-century writings (by J. Austen, Ch. Darwin, Ch. Brontë). He has convened the first Daphne du Maurier conference in France, in order to reassess this intriguing writer’s work thirty years after her demise in 1989.

Rim Mouloudj is a lecturer in French language and literature at Lounici Ali University, Blida II, Algeria. Her doctoral research focused on the representation of violence in African literature. She has contributed to the following collective works : Lire l’Afrique, une anthologie de la littérature, edited by Amina Azza Bekkat (2010) ; Le Dictionnaire des écrivains algériens de langue française, edited by Christiane Chaulet Achour (2010) ; Le Dictionnaire des écrivains algériens de langue française, edited by Bekkat Amina (2014) ; and Créativité littéraire en Tunisie, edited by Najib Redouane (2015).

Hanene Zoghlami is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, University of Tunis 1 (Tunisia), where she has been a faculty member since September 2012. She holds the position of British and American History Programme co-ordinator at the English Department. Hanene completed her PhD in British History at Roehampton University and her MA at Middlesex University London, UK. Her research interests lie in the area of contemporary British history, ranging from political and military to cultural and social aspects. She also has a vivid interest in Arts History. Hanene has published a number of articles, the most recent being “Reaping the Rewards of Co-operation : Franco-British Intelligence Sharing during the Gas War, 1915-1918” in World Journal of Social Science Research (January 2018).


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